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My daughter loved her learning experience. The safe learning environment helped her to excel, learn, have fun, and make wonderful friendships.

— (Josh Nielsen)

All 4 of my children have attended. They have all passed and scored very well on their kindergarten evaluations. I definitely recommend this school.

— (Lisa Watson)

All 6 of my kids have been taught by Miss Jen. They were so ready for kindergarten. She puts in 100 percent and I couldn't have asked for a better teacher.

— (Stacy Satterfield)

My son that attended was prepared above and beyond my expectations for kindergarten. I am so thankful for the educational skills she provided for my son.

— (Colette Hall)


I loved the incredible learning environment and look forward to my son attending.

— (DeAnn Lombard)

Three of my children attended the ABC Express and each of them entered kindergarten with math and reading skills, and were in the top of their class.

— (November Merzlock)

I am so amazed with what my sons learned. They left knowing their numbers, letters, vowels, how to make a rhyme, a pattern, how to clap syllables, and a whole lot more.

   — (Danielle Naylor)

My 3 children have benefited from the ABC Express. I loved the incredible curriculum, which focused on tactile, sensory and educational learning.

 — (Janette Lovell)

I have had 3 children attend the ABC Express. Miss Jen and her staff have many years of experience enriching the lives of children in our community.

— (Ashley McNabb)


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