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Monthly Calendars

Show and tell is twice a month and will be on the weeks that a new letter is introduced. Please have your child bring something that starts with the letter that we are working on that week. If they can't find something that starts with the letter they can bring something else. Please don't send things that have small pieces or may get broken.




If your child is scheduled for snack you will find their name in the left hand column of the calendar. MWF classes rotate daily.  The Tues/Thurs classes will bring snack for both days of the week.  Birthday treats are welcome. 


There will be a special day scheduled for your child to bring in a write up about themselves, pictures and a few of their favorite things. This helps their classmates to get to know them a little better.



A monthly calendar will be sent home  showing when each unit is scheduled as well as your child's turn for snack, spotlight child, and the letter and number that we are working on, and other activity information.

Field Trips

The Library, Pumpkin Patch, Fire station,  Dentist, Texas Roadhouse,  and Garden Center  are the fieldtrips that will be scheduled throughout the year. (3 year old classes will not attend all of the fieldtrips listed.)  At least two parent helpers are needed on each fieldtrip. You will need to drop off and pick up your child for each fieldtrip,  they will usually last about an hour.  The Pumpkin Patch and Texas roadhouse will require a parent stay with their child throughout the field trip.   No regular classes will be held on these days however  we  try and schedule during your child's regular day and time, but this will not always be the case.  For more information about each field trip click on the picture below.

Class Parties

3-4 parent(depending on class size) helpers are needed for each class party. Parent helpers will plan a game and bring a prize or treat to go with their game. Craft is provide by the school.  Sign-ups for these special events will be available at the open house.   For the Christmas party Santa comes and brings a gift for each child, we ask that each parent add $5.00 on to their December payment to help pay for Santa's visit.



Please plan on dropping your child for school no more than 10 minutes early. Each child will need to be signed in/out. Please pick your child up no later than 10 minutes after class is over.  Unless arrangements have been made there will be a fee of $1.00 a minute for early drop offs and late pick-ups.  Please contact us if you find you may be late picking your child up. 

        OPEN HOUSE

There will be an open house at the school one week before school starts so that your child can meet their teachers and see the school. If they would like to bring their school supplies on this night they can.

      FIRST DAY OF                      SCHOOL

The first day of summer class is the first Tuesday in June. The first for the fall classes is the first Tuesday or Wednesday in September after Labor Day. I look forward to serving you and your child and sharing in a wonderful year.


I like to stay in contact with the parents at all times. I will notify you immediately if I have any major concerns. If you have any questions or concerns you can call me at (208) 235-1903 or you can email me at   If I am unavailable Mrs Mary can be contacted at 208-241-3488.  Any extra information that I have for you during the school year will come directly to you through email, texts, or the monthly calendar. 


Please pay the first week of the month. Payments are due, and should be paid in full by the 5th of the month. NO EXCEPTIONS, unless prior arrangements have been made. A $2.00 a day late feel will be charged on all late payments. Make checks payable to Jennifer McMaster or ABC Express Preschool. Bounced checks will be charged a $25.00 fee to cover my bank fees. Please try to be prompt with your payments, I have certain obligations that have to be met. Also, if for some reason your child misses school for an extended amount of time, I would appreciate notice if possible and payment to secure their place.


I love books and feel it is so important to let our kids experience how fun reading can be. However, they can be quite expensive. So I have been collecting and offer books throughout the year at great prices.  Scholastic book orders are sent out every other month as well. 


I appreciate being notified if your child will not be attending class because of illness or vacation. There will be no discount given for missed classes. However, if I have to cancel school for an extended amount of time a discount may be given.


Graduation for the 4-5 year old classes will be the end of May.  Students get to show off the skills they have learned throughout the year through a performance and project displays.  Please add $10.00 to your May tuition payment, this goes towards renting the facility and helping with other graduation expenses.  Family and friends are welcome to attend this wonderful celebration.

Parents at school

I feel that children are less distracted and stay "on task" best if parents do not stay to observe. Unless there is a major concern I know about beforehand, please do not plan on staying at school with your child. I will have days when parents can attend.


Each child receives an ABC Express t shirt in either yellow or red depending on the class.

These shirts are to be worn on Field Trips and for class pictures.   The red T-shirts are worn at Graduation.

If you need to order an additional shirt it will be $7.00

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