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Daily Warm-ups
Pumpkin Picking

How Many Freckles

I See Fall

Squares and Circles Oct 9th

Squares and Circles Oct 10th

Rectangles and Triangles Oct 11th

Rectangles and Triangles Oct 12th

Number Giraffe

Number 1 activity with Fall Favorites

Falling Leaves Book-  goes with Fall Favorites and Autumn Arrivals

Number 1 activities goes with  Autumn Arrivals 

 Autumn Syllables

Johnny Appleseed

A Leaf for every apple

Goin Fishin

Apple Stamping

All About the Library-  4-5 classes

All about the Library 3-4 classes

Where's My Tent

Cookie Jar Sort

Leaf Art for 3yr class

10 Apples up on Top

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