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and Learning Center

Serving Pocatello, Chubbuck and Inkom

Mission Statement

Learn & Explore

Our goal is to provide children with a comfortable, structured, non-threatening environment. We will do hands on projects, fieldtrips activities, social interacting, pretending, and other pre-kindergarten learning experiences. We believe that a positive self-esteem enhances the learning experience. Through non- threatening and fun activities that challenge the child, We hope to show them that learning and school is fun.


  • Music

  • Weather

  • Numbers

  • Letters

  • Holidays

  • Seasons

  • Patterning

  • Shapes

  • Colors

  • Senses

  • Health/Nutrition

  • Animals

  • Beginning/Ending Sounds

  • Safety

  • Country/patriotism

  • Rhyming

  • Syllables

  • Values

  • Kindness

  • Obedience

  • Sharing

  • Honesty

  • Manners

  • Classification Skills

  • Following Directions

  • Pre-writing

  • And many more..

The unit areas listed above will be covered on a weekly orbi-weekly basis depending on the diversity of the subject and the needs of the children. Some topics will be introduced to the
3-4 year old classes but will not be taught in depth until the following year. 


1219 Yellowstone Avenue #B, Pocatello, ID 83201, USA

(208) 235-1903

Mailing Address

635 Alpine Dr Chubbuck, ID 83202

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